Step 1 – Cover the garage floor with the base mat provided and park your car on the mat


Step 2 – Place the top cover over the car and fasten to the base using the special zipper


Step 3 – Plug in the power supply and the fans will inflate in 5-10 minutes


When you are planning on storing a car for a long period of time, there is a checklist you need to consider. This will help you make sure your car is safe and will not wind up dirty or worn out because it has sat for so long.

Before you put your car in storage there are a few things you need to do to make sure that everything will remain in top shape for your return.

You need to prepare your engine and mechanics if you plan to store your car for a long period of time.

Inflate your tires to the right pressure so the air quality does not put an excessive amount of pressure on the wheel.

Change out all your fluids so they are fresh and will not leave gunk in your engine. This means changing the oil, topping up the brake fluid, adding fluid to the power steering and the coolant. This is especially important when storing a car outdoors because these fluids are sensitive to temperature changes over time.

Cars that will be left for very long periods of time without being driven should have a stabilizer added to the engine to protect the fluids.

You also want to make sure you disconnect the battery when you are not driving. Leaving the battery connected will allow the battery to wear down, meaning you will not be able to start your car when you decide you want to drive it again.

If any fluids have caked onto the battery, use a baking soda and vinegar mix to clean these off before you put the car into storage.

After you are finished getting the engine in order, make sure you disengage the parking brake. Manual cars should have their transmission set to neutral so everything aligns properly.

Know your storage facility and take adequate precautions to make sure your car will be safe.

Lock the doors and put an adequate cover on your car to keep debris away.

If you will be storing your car in a space with ready outdoor access, take the time to protect against bugs and rodents that can damage the interior of the car. Seal off any areas such as the tailgate that can make easy access for the internal portions of the vehicle.

Just be sure to leave yourself a note so you remember to remove these things before you try to drive otherwise you can cause serious damage to the car!